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Evergreen Resources for Emerging Managers

Programs for Emerging Managers 

  • Kauffman Fellows – Two year venture capital fellowship program

  • GPx from Plexo Capital – An open-source, cohort-based program featuring educational content, peer learning, and mentorship

  • Oper8r – A cohort-based educational community for emerging managers

  • Recast Capital’s Enablement Program – A new educational program to empower the next generation of venture capitalists

  • Newton Venture Program – UK-based investor training and development program to help people accelerate their careers in venture 

  • VC University – A joint initiative by the National Venture Capital Association, the nonprofit Venture Forward and the University of California, Berkeley School of Law

  • The Venture Cooperative – A free 6-week educational program and inclusive community that make Laconia’s investments, processes, and learnings accessible for the next generation of early stage investors

  • VC Lab – VC Lab runs Genesis, a 16 week venture capital accelerator program, and created Fund in a Box, a turnkey fund launch and backoffice offering

  • Round up of Emerging Manager programs in Forbes

  • Carta’s Venture Capital 101 - online courses, guides and resources covering equity, venture capital, ownership and the Carta platform

  • Venture Forward - A supporting organization to NVCA that hosts programs and initiatives, including VC University LIVE, VC University and LP Office Hours

  • Recast Accelerate – a catalytic program to drive the success of women-led, early stage US funds in venture capital

  • Accolade Partners' Empowerment Fund - access to best-in-class venture capital and growth equity managers led by historically underrepresented groups through a returns-focused fund of funds

LPs with Dedicated Emerging Manager Venture Programs

 Service Providers for Emerging Managers

Modeling Templates

Educational Content & Perspectives for Emerging Managers

  • Signature Block Substack – A newsletter by Weekend Fund for emerging fund managers with crowdsourced knowledge from experienced fund managers and LPs across different areas of focus and fund sizes

  • Nikhil Basu Trivedi Substack – A weekly essay from Co-Founder & General Partner at Footwork

  • Venture Unlocked – Newsletter and podcast playbook from Samir Kaji, Founder and CEO of Allocate, designed to educate and assist emerging managers and aspiring investors with the information and tools necessary to drive smart, diverse, and informed capital to entrepreneurs

  • Equal Ventures Substack – Equal Ventures’ newsletter featuring our latest insights

  • Allocate Content Library – Educational content highlighting key concepts of venture capital investing